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Welcome to the website of Mizoram & Cachar Frontier of BSF


Mizoram & Cachar Frontier with its headquarters at Masimpur, Silchar (Assam) is the youngest Frontier of BSF,

which became operational on 1st Nov 2006. Built upon the foundational infrastructure of erstwhile adhoc Baramulla Ftr of

Jammu & Kashmir, it has three Sectors viz: Silchar, Mizoram and Manipur (CI OPS) under its wings. The Frontier is

very aptly called Suryodaya Frontier taking cue from its logo.

Officers and men of this Frontier deployed in Cachar (Assam) & Mizoram are guarding the international

border with Bangladesh in trying conditions. Cachar has a humid and sub-tropical climate with extremely heavy rainfall.

Mizoram has hilly terrain covered with dense evergreen forest, interspersed with narrow rivers which run through deep

gorges. Many Border Out Posts in Mizoram have no surface link with the rest of the Country and are air maintained.

A sizeable Force of this Frontier is deployed on counter insurgency operations in Manipur.

An important task of a BORDER MAN is to promote welfare of the border population. Towards this end,

BSF in Mizoram and Cachar Frontier is deeply committed and is intimately involved in improving the life of border

population by creating infrastructure and providing basic amenities under civic action programme. BSF Officers and

men reach out to the border population by involving themselves in their day to day activities, organizing free medical

camps, adopting Schools, organizing study tours etc. To provide opportunities to local population, recruitment to various

ranks are being organized at BSF campuses at Masimpur, Imphal and Aizawl.

This website has been designed to inform its visitors about various facets of the functioning of BSF in

general and M&C Frontier in particular. The public at large can now visit this website to gain information about

recruitment, training, career prospects, tender notices and auction notices in this Frontier.

I congratulate the officers and staff of the Frontier who have designed the website and I hope they will keep on updating it regularly.


Happy browsing!